A Touch Of Physical Pain To Get Through The Mental Strain!

I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a great start to 2020 having been in a car accident (his fault!) resulting in a double spine fracture, and my dear mum passing away.  It’s also been difficult because I haven’t been able to get out onto the hills due to the crash injuries. Super frustrated to have missed a ski trip and to have been both working & getting on with some personal winter Mountaineering in Scotland.

Talk about having itchy feet, and not Athletes Foot!

Doctors orders have been - no bending, no twisting, no lifting, no carrying until the end of March 🤦‍♂️ Well that’s all very well for my back but takes absolutely nothing into account about my frustrated mind!

So with the fractures well into the healing process 🤞 I felt I just had to get out and ‘reset’ my mind for just a little while.

I’m currently gently steering/pushing my friend Jess towards joining the Mountain Leader training scheme as she is passionate about hill walking and the outdoors, perfect person to get out with as Jess could carry the rucksack that I couldn't! 

We headed to Upper Nidderdale and Scar House Reservoir where we set off to Little Whernside. At just 601m high and a route length of 16km I felt it was within my current capabilities. A simple route done in under 5hrs (lots of drifting snow) but probably one of most rewarding outings I've had due to recent events.

What a stunning outing it was with the blue skies, snow covering the Dales and the ‘fresh’ wind on our faces. Rather than a physical challenge this was a much needed benefit for the mind. I can’t express enough how strongly I support taking some form of physical exercise as a way of improving physical & mental health & well being.

Take some time for yourself and get out on the hills, immerse yourself in the environment and elements!


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