And Then The ‘Unlaunch’ 😔

So..... After spending the past 10 years or so walking, climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Working hard making the commitment to go through the Mountain Training qualification schemes and taking the decision to start my own business. Spending money and time organising equipment and getting a web site on line.... Some guy thinks it’s ok to be massively exceeding the speed limit in an urban area, make a dangerous over taking manoeuvre resulting in a collision with my car, writing my car off and leaving me with head, shoulder and neck injuries. Whilst those injuries should recover in not too long a time, the fracture to my vertebra also is going to take longer 🤦‍♂️ He’s getting done with dangerous driving so will get some penalty points.... 🤔

So.... with bookings throughout January and February all cancelled I will be working hard (as soon as the physio allows me) to get myself back to fitness and back to it.

Being told I cannot do anything, as there’s a risk of serious damage to my spine, has been frustrating but has proven that my direction does lay in the mountain tuition and leadership world.

I may be a ‘bit broken’ (for now) but I’ve been through worse and will be back to it ASAP 💪

Spring 2020 a new start 🤞

Charlie x

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