I'm Not Staying In, I'm Not Going Out....

I’ve been asked a couple of times where I’ll be heading Wednesday (honestly! I think pals think I’m losing my mind at home by myself 🤪), when allowed to travel for unrestricted exercise.

Answer - nowhere, I’ll not be leaving West Yorkshire for a bit. And when I do it’ll be to see my daughters, family or friends before climbing or hill walking. Though I might just do a bit of climbing in West Yorkshire 😊

I’m really enjoying discovering places that are ‘local’, and a little embarrassed that it’s only this current situation that has pushed me to look nearer home. Some parts of West Yorkshire are stunning!

(Leeds - St Aidans RSPB Wildlife Reserve).

Also I’m in no rush to go to any of the National Parks for a while yet. I don’t expect councils or the National Trust etc to start opening car parks for ‘tourists’, and I don’t really blame them.

When government opens parliament, and they are all sat on the benches, then we’ll know it’s safe to crack on with ‘normal’ life.

Do we really want to be going other areas? Cumbria is currently an infection ‘hot spot’ so as much as the local population don’t want tourists, I don’t want to be a tourist opening myself to infection.

Personally I’ll be waiting until the hill & mountain areas are ‘really open’, then I’ll give a few weeks for the locals to get used to the idea of people in the areas. Give the local vigilantes enough time to get bored of slashing ‘non natives’ tyres 😉

From the BMC - When can I start climbing and hill walking again?

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