Not A Fan Of Flying? I'd Probably Give Flying To/From Lukla A Miss Then....

Whilst 'perusing' through some of my previous records of adventures and experiences in the mountain environments I decided some of these are quite special to me, and may be informative or useful to others.

Back in November 2012 I joined a trip organised by Rob Johnson, of Expedition Guide, which would see us journey high into the breath taking (literally!) Himalaya.

Lukla is a small town in the Nepalese Himalaya and is the access & starting point for many trekking and mountaineering trips/expeditions into this jaw dropping landscape. It is also the starting point for those ambitious to stand on the highest point on path, Everest!

Unfortunately Lukla doesn't have the best history of safety that you'd wish for when arriving or departing an airport. With a challenging location, and many other variables that you find yourself considering when taking your seat on the small aircraft, it can be a 'touch nervy' for those who may not be keen on the flying experience at the best of times....

The following link will take you to a short Wordpress blog I wrote , with You Tube video links, of the flights to and from Lukla.

Lukla - The Worlds Most Dangerous Airport! 

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