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Hello & welcome to the Your Mountain Adventure Blog!

What is 'Your Mountain Adventure' all about? - Well to put it in a nutshell the site & business are another step towards the goal of myself (Mark Valentine) becoming a full time Hill/Mountain/Outdoors provider of skills courses and leadership on adventures around the Uk & overseas. 

Where did that idea come from? - After enjoying the freedom of my teens, jumping on buses and trains to the Yorkshire Dales, adult life got in the way with the need for employment and paying bills. During my twenties I again enjoyed time in my beloved Yorkshire Dales whilst taking opportunities  to be out Mountain Biking. Having experienced employment in the Building & Print industries I found myself working as a full time Door Supervisor (Bouncer) at venues in both Leeds and in Mallorca, when some free time became available I decided I had to balance the unhealthy life style and filled free time heading out on the hills. This then led me to join a number of skills courses before deciding to register on the Mountain Leader Training Scheme intending to only ever complete the training. However...........! My passion for immersing myself in the upland environments had been well and truly ignited and things progressed quickly and further than I could of ever imagined.

What makes me think I should launch the business? - As I mentioned 'things progressed quickly' and since gaining the Summer Mountain Leader Award, in Spring 2012, I have also joined the training schemes and qualified for the Rock Climbing Instructor, International Mountain Leader, Winter Mountain Leader, Climbing Foundation Coach, Climbing Wall Development Instructor Awards. Currently I am going through the consolidation stage before aiming to gain the (Summer) Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor. Whilst experiencing the commitment, time and dedication required to gain these awards I also experienced the many benefits to be gained to overall health and mental wellbeing by spending time in the outdoor and upland environments. Whilst I love the freedom of being in remote areas by myself it would be extremely selfish of me not to promote this 'natural medicine' to others.

Who is 'Your Mountain Adventure' for? - We would like to be able to offer something that appeals to almost anybody with an interest, or is curious, of being able to enjoy the great outdoors. This maybe by joining one of our Navigation  or Hill & Mountain Craft courses, coming along to our series of 'Get Into Hill Walking' days or experiencing overseas landscapes and cultures on our International Adventures. Our aim is to offer a pathway by which our clients can go on to enjoy their own adventures in possession of the knowledge and skills to head out confidently and safely. We also offer climbing tuition and can create Challenge events as required. Recently I have had the opportunity to work as an instructor on Mountain Leader Training courses and also assess candidates for the award, seeing people I have helped train & teach skills to go on to qualify as Mountain Leaders is as satisfying as gaining the award myself was.

Where will 'Your Mountain Adventure' be in 5 years? - Whilst obviously we want the business to be successful and develop we have no ambition of 'taking over the world' and having the capability to offer high numbers of courses or adventures. Basically I have started 'Your Mountain Adventure' to offer courses and adventures that I can run myself, or with a small number of close instructor friends, and have no desire to be sat behind a desk! The quality of life enjoyed by being outdoors is priceless.

Who are 'Your Mountain Adventure'? - Currently the instruction team consists of myself Mark 'Charlie' Valentine, along with good friends & highly skilled colleagues Gavin Kellett & Liz King. In control of the running, organising and keeping on top of the business administration we have Katie Valentine without who I would still be using stickie notes and dreaming of one day having a website! 

What next for 'Your Mountain Adventure'? - Our courses and adventures program gets underway in the Spring, just a couple of months away! So it's a busy time but also an exciting time as we look forward to having you join us and begin 'Your Mountain Adventure'! 

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