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Get into hill walking with our open group hill walking program, available from Spring 2020.

"Many of us are searching for the antidote to our busy, disconnected, overwhelming lives. Yet the remedy can be a lot simpler than we think. Backed by research, medical professionals are acknowledging the natural benefit of immersion in wild, natural spaces and mountainous terrain to our bodies, but perhaps, more importantly, to our minds. These spaces have the wonderful ability to enable us to experience humility in the vastness and the intricacy of nature, create meaningful experiences, to calm and to soothe, but also to heal. At Your Mountain Adventure we can support your journey back to yourself, through nature." - Liz King (BSc, MSc, MRes)

Our one day guided walks are designed to provide the opportunity to join us to share the enjoyment of the upland environments, and we'll do all the navigating! During each of our carefully chosen routes your qualified, experienced and knowledgeable leader will take you to areas of natural beauty and interest.

If you've held an interest in hill walking but heading out alone has stopped you, or would like to get out in a 'guided group environment' with like-minded individuals, check out our current locations and available dates.

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