The undertaking of an adventurous activity must also by definition be the undertaking of an activity that holds an element of risk to the participants, if it was possible to eliminate all risk from an activity then the given activity would cease to, any longer, be adventurous. Mountainous and upland environments are, deservedly so, regarded as hazardous areas which hold an element of risk of injury or, in the extreme, death. By choosing to take part in a mountainous/upland adventurous activity or spend extended periods of time immersed within these environments all participants must also consider the associated risk and accept responsibility for their own participation.

Your Mountain Adventure Ltd fully supports the belief & credible medical evidence as to the benefits that can easily be gained to increase both physical & mental wellbeing through simply spending quality time surrounded by the mountain & upland environments. As such Your Mountain Adventure, whilst respecting the associated risks, feel the positives that will be gained far outweigh the negatives which are a consideration.

British Courses/Treks

The British Isles offer some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes comparable with anywhere around the world. Many of these are reasonably close to highly populated urban areas and are easily accessible to many visitors at any time, this can easily give a false impression of these areas being benign and safe environments. However the mountain and upland environments should never be underestimated for their ability to be seemingly ‘cruel’ to the unwary or unprepared. The often ‘changeable’ weather of the British Isles can be particularly challenging, easily turning what was a walk on the hills into a life threatening situation if not given due respect. 

Overseas Treks/Expeditions

Joining an overseas expedition or adventure is an opportunity to visit some of the many exciting regions and landscapes around the world, and to gain a first hand experience of alternative ways of life.These regions may be vastly different from the UK in respect to infrastructure, culture, lifestyle and standards of health & safety.Whilst this is the very essence of joining an overseas adventure there may be serious implications if you were to be become unwell, injured or require medical treatment.Something that may seem trivial at home, such as rinsing a toothbrush under a tap, requires consideration and treat with due caution.Care should also be taken to show respect to local culture and customs, and also observe laws and regulations of the country in which you are a guest.Security has also to be carefully considered. Whilst taking every precaution can stifle the whole experience and reason for joining an overseas expedition, it is wise to keep updated with the latest security advice and also not display what may appear to be expensive items or amounts of large amounts of currency in public areas.Snow/Winter:The addition of snow on the mountains can produce a jaw dropping landscape, however it also means careful consideration should be given to the additional hazards and level of risk. Whilst we hope to be able to benefit from these special conditions through experience and education it may be necessary to avoid previously considered areas in favour of safer conditions.

Climbing & Bouldering

Climbing & Bouldering can be exciting, enjoyable and highly motivating activities that can become a lifetime hobby, passion or even career to many. The action of climbing vertically away from a solid underfoot surface, against gravity, by placing hands and feet on small holds or features has obvious risks. The fear of falling is one we are all born with. While the risks are obvious these can be largely negated by use of good technique and by following recognised methods of good practise.

Participant Responsibilities

The participant/customer should as far is reasonably practicable take responsibility for ensuring - 

1. The activity, course, expedition offered suits the participants expectations, capabilities and needs.

2. That any distress or concern during, or resulting from, the activity is drawn to the immediate attention of the leader in charge

3. That participants’ actions conform to any safety guidance given during the process of leadership, instruction or supervision at any time during an activity,course or expedition.

4. In the event of a participants disregard of safety instruction, or who’s actions are judged to risk their own/or others safety and wellbeing they may berequired to leave the activity, course or expedition.

5. That they are aware of the recognised risks and hazards associated with the activity, course or expedition and are prepared to accept them.

6. That the equipment and clothing used are suitable for the activity and worn as directed and that due regard is given to care of the environment and other users.The BMC acts on behalf of walkers, climbers and mountaineers in the UK and offers the following participation statement that we ask you to agree to:"The BMC recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement." 

Please view our Health & Safety policy here.